Global Gold & Silver Hush

"Safest way to shop & ensure your precious metal's are legit and in your hands"

ABOUT: Global Gold & Silver Hush

Global Gold & Silver Hush was an idea though up by my wife and i as we have been collectors of precious metals for a while. You have all heard of the gold rush we are calling this the gold hush because no one is talking about it. When i began to understand how serious the collapse of the petrodollar was i realized most Americans have no idea this is coming and have been denying reality along time. You can deny reality but you can not deny the conseqences of reality once they show up at your front door, at that point its survival of the fittest, unless you have a back up plan and are prepared. That is why we have choose to share our collection and help prepare American & other across the globe. Silver & Gold will become extremly difficult to aquire over the next coming months & the chances of you getting fake gold is extremly high. China has been known for making Tungsten filled gold bars, thats why i try and stick to coins i know, or silver. It wouldnt be cost affective to make fake silver coins unless they were duplicating rare dates which i have seen done on Ebay.  We only have a limited amount, and once that is gone its gone. So if you wanna deal with real people not machines and you wanna make sure your getting the real thing please contact us 318-751-3101 and let us help you get prepared as the world shifts power from one country to the next. You can either lose all your money or profit from the dollars fall. Which is up to you give us a call 318-751-3101.
Simple Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Fakes:
  • Never order without speaking to a person
  • Do some research on your own & ask questions
  • Make sure you are paying for tangiable items not locked up
  • Check with a magnet, Gold nor silver sticks to a magnet
  • Make sure that you are getting solid gold and start w/ a small order.